We are proud to offer our customers acrylic stucco!  This stucco, unlike the the old cement stucco, can be applied in ANY COLOUR you choose!  If you would like to match existing trim or colour on your home, or would like something different that will make your house stand out, just give us a colour swatch/sample and we will match it for you!

You may choose to use acrylic stucco as a parge over a foam basement, wood basement or cement basement.  You can also use acrylic stucco to finish the exterior walls of your home, adding to the beauty of your home and increasing the resale value of your property.   We can apply acrylic stucco over existing old rock stucco, even if it needs some repair work first.  It will make it look like a new, modern stucco job!  

We can also offer window, door, and decorative build-outs to give your house an original, finished flair. 


-Your basement walls or exterior walls are first prepared according to the surface the acrylic stucco will be adhering to.  Plastic or wire mesh may be attached to provide strength and durability.

-For basement application, we take the time to dig down along the foundation of your home to ensure thorough parge coverage.

-If you choose, we can custom design and attach build-outs

-A base coat or scratch coat of acrylic or cement is applied, dependent on the surface.

-The acrylic stucco is applied in a new, modern knock-down design.

What are the benefits of applying new acrylic stucco over the existing old rock stucco on your house?

-The cost of going over old rock stucco, with new acrylic stucco is LESS EXPENSIVE than REMOVING THE OLD ROCK STUCCO and REPLACING IT WITH VINYL SIDING - ask for a free estimate and see........

-A well finished stucco home will always give you a better resale value than vinyl siding.

- The old rock stucco with the acrylic stucco applied over top ensures that your house: 

  • stays well sealed, keeping its "R" (insulating ) value
  • lets in less drafts 
  • reduces outside sounds

-The old rock stucco provides a solid base for the new stucco to adhere to.


Old Rock Stucco - the before picture.......

Prepping an old rock stucco house.

 Home Before Parge

Grey Acrylic Colour Choice for Parge 

Refinished with New Acrylic Stucco, New Acrylic Parge, Build-outs and New Windows - the after picture......
New acrylic stucco with build-outs is complete and ready for the home owners to start the deck construction.

Home After Parge 

Dark Brown Acrylic Colour Choice for Parge 

Black Acrylic Colour Choice on Parge and Retaining Wall 

House with old rock stucco before being refinished with new acrylic stucco.

A new addition that has been wired - the crew is putting on the scratch coat.

Picture #1 -  The "Before" Picture - Old rock stucco that will be redone.

 Picture #3 - Finished! (With added window and door build-outs)

The "Before" Picture. 

Same house with new sage-coloured acrylic stucco with build-outs and a black acrylic stucco parge applied over the old rock stucco and parge.

Getting to work!

Picture #2 - Getting started with the scratch coat. 

Picture #4 - Welcome to your New (look) Home! 

A new garage addition on an old rock stucco house with new acrylic stucco finish and parge.