A basement during the restoration rebuild process. 

Restored Basement 

We can do your restoration rebuild.  We will transform your damaged home and make it yours again!  

Restoration Rebuild Services we offer:

-We can be at your home shortly after the "rip out" stage to assist you in deciding what your rebuild might entail.

-We will work with your insurance company and their adjusters 

-Some larger restoration companies, after completing the "rip-out" portion of the restoration have to rely on  different sub-contractors to re-insulate, vapour barrier, board, tape and mud, paint and replace doors and molding.  With our many years of experience, we can be the ONE contractor to offer all of these services to you, which minimizes the number of people coming in and out of your house.  If we sub-contract, it is to local, trust-worthy contractors that we have worked with on a regular basis. 

-Please Note***After a certified company does the tear-out, as the home owner you have the right to choose which company you'd like to do the rebuild.  The advantage of getting McMeister Contracting is:  we are local, we will get to the job in a timely manner,  you get to choose your paint color, we do 2 coats of top quality paint and we will fix other imperfections, within reason. Quality work and your satisfaction are of the top-most importance to us. ***

In consultation with the adjusters, we will assist you in choosing the materials you will need to restore your damaged areas to their former glory.  If you would like to take the opportunity to upgrade your basement at the same time, we can assist you in understanding what materials and labour would be covered through your insurance claim and what materials and labour would be an extra charge. Following the "rip-out" portion of the restoration job, the renovation portion (once your damaged areas are no longer considered a health risk) can be scheduled through us.  We will endeavour to complete this portion of the restoration job in a timely manner.