1.   Do you:  Install Siding?  Install Windows/Exterior Doors?  Do plumbing or electrical work?  Do framing work?  Install cabinets? Install flooring?  The answer to these questions is No, however, we will be happy to put you in touch with other tradesmen that we know well and who could possibly complete these types of jobs for you. 

2. Will you do finishing work, like painting and installing interior doors and molding/baseboards? Yes, we often get asked to complete finishing work and are happy to give your home that final touch of quality work.    

3.  How far in advance do I need to book you?  In the winter we can often book you in for jobs within a few weeks, however, for summer work such as outside painting and stucco work, we are often booked a year in advance.  

4.  Are materials included in your job estimates?  We will always give you a written estimate that states exactly what is or is not included.  This will be discussed with you, the home or business owner, before an estimate is written up.

5.  Some contractors give estimates, then charge twice as much on their bill.  Does McMeister Contracting do this?  No.  We take the time to carefully consider the costs of the job according to the work you have specified and will complete it according to our estimate.  If you request that more work be completed above what was in the original estimate, we will be happy to discuss with you the extra costs.  In the 18+ years we have been working in the Provost area, we have NEVER gone over an estimate! We will not leave our customers frustrated and over-budget!      

6.  Do you charge Tax?  Yes.

7.  Why are there no prices on your webpage?  The labour, materials and type of job (new vs. existing construction) vary, making each contract we do unique.  Please take us up on our "FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATE" offer - we'll be happy to come out and look over the work you'd like completed.  

8.  When can I plan to have my flooring and cabinets installed?  We ask that you allow us to finish the boarding, taping, mudding, priming and painting process first.  If you are concerned about dings in your newly finished walls after your flooring or cabinetry has been installed, you can make plans to have us come in after and repair them.

9.  We have a general contractor who has informed us that they have all the trades people lined up for us.  Can I still get you to provide an estimate and do some of the work?  Yes!  Please be reminded that even if you have hired a general contractor or construction company for your project that you are still the one paying the bills!  It pays to shop around and find contractors that will provide good quality, honest work at a reasonable price.

10.  We are in need of having some restoration work done in our house.  Even though our insurance agent/adjuster is wanting to send out a different restoration company to do the rip-out, clean-up, cataloging of items and re-build -  can we still request that McMeister Contracting do some/all of the work? Absolutely!  Although we have worked with some insurance agencies and adjusters in our area who know that we do certified restoration work, not all of them have this information.  Even if another restoration company has done the rip-out, clean-up and cataloging, we'd be happy to work with your agent/adjuster to estimate and complete the rebuild for you - after all, that's the type of work we do well!

11.  Do you charge travel expenses?  If you reside within 1 hour from the Provost area, we typically do not charge for travel.  If you fall outside this area, we will ensure that we discuss extra expenses with you and include them on your estimate so you are fully informed.

12.  Do you charge money up front?  No!  We will not ask you for money up front before starting the job!  If we have estimated the job to be under $20,000, we often cover the initial cost of materials since we have built credit and trust with our local suppliers; however you can also choose to purchase the materials yourself and we will then bill for labour alone. Jobs over $20,000 may require a midpoint payment (based on percentage of work completed, NOT time) - this will be outlined in the written estimate.  Regardless, we only require full payment when we are finished and the job is done to your satisfaction!