Using the Drywall Lift for placing ceiling drywall. 

Walls and ceilings have been boarded, taped and mudded.  After final sanding they will be primed.

 New  residential construction, already primed and painted. 

Mudding work being done with scaffolding. 

Boarding, Taping and Mudding

 We are happy to be able to offer you competitive pricing to board, tape and mud your new construction project or addition.  Over the years we have completed a variety of residential and commercial projects.


-determine the size, type and amount of drywall you need based on your square footage, wall height and area to be covered (eg. rooms with high humidity require specialized products)

-we prefer to board the projects that we will be taping and mudding however, if you choose to do your own boarding and have us only do the taping and mudding, we will consult with you on the proper boarding techniques that will save you on extra taping and mudding costs.

-Seams and corners are taped then mudded using our specialized equipment while screw holes are troweled.  

-Mudded areas are sanded and re-mudded 3-4 times to ensure that you receive a smooth, professional look.

-After the final mudding and sanding the walls are wiped to remove dust residue and primed.  It is at this point that we encourage our clients to inspect the walls with us and note any minor imperfections that need to be fixed.  In fact, we ask you to take a pencil and circle any areas that concern you.  As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we will gladly fix these small imperfections during this stage at no extra cost to you.  Once you are satisfied with the job, then the final priming and painting can be completed.    

 Commercial construction.

Residential Stairwell completed and ready for flooring and finishing work.